I know some people hate the thought of traveling by vehicle, but that’s not me. I personally love road trips, I love seeing the country side right pass by right before my eyes. I also just love driving, to me it is relaxing and therapeutic even. Especially when you’re driving at night with your best friend while singing along to some kick ass music. That is probably one of my favorite feelings in the world, it’s a feeling a freedom. I’m writing about road trips in honor of the fact that spring break is less than two weeks away and i will be hitting the road to visit my best friend at the beach! This will be my first time traveling alone on a three hour road trip, and so I have been prepping. I have made a check list if necessary items for my adventure, which includes items such as music, snacks, and my phone charger. I know I will not be the only college student headed for the beach so I wish all the others a safe trip and a good time! But I would also like to include a link for my fellow road-trip lovers out there that ya’ll might enjoy. click here to see. 



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