Road Trip Through The South

Road Trip Through The South

This link to storify will help you travel through five beautiful southern states. On this journey you will see what each state has to offer and the unique qualities of each, this story will use pictures to take you on an online road trip through the south. Enjoy your travels!


A Fellow Travel Lover

I love hearing about the different places my friends have traveled to and what they learned and experienced. Here is a video of one of my best friends talking about the most interesting place she’s been to!
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Slideshow Story: A Story of the Seasons

As a Texan, the only season I experience is summer. So naturally one of the things that attracts me to traveling is getting to experience the other three seasons. I have experienced the white winters of New Mexico, I have seen the beauty of new life during Spring in the vineyards of California, I have been thoroughly burned by the Arizona summer heat, and I have taken peaceful walks through Central Park in fall. Every season is beautiful in its own way, and it’s such a wonderful thing to experience a different season in a different place.

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Army Girlfriend

Army Girlfriend

I’m writing this post in honor of my boyfriend, whom as of yesterday is in Georgia to complete his basic training at Fort Benning. The day before he left, he admitted to me that he was nervous about traveling to … Continue reading