My Final Post

Throughout this semester I have come to love blogging. It has been such an enjoyable learning experience, and it was something I had always wanted to do. While working on my blog I found that it was a good form of expression, and that it helped me realize that writing is a good stress relief. It also helped me learn more about online tools which I’ve never had much knowledge of. Although I had previously been a user of online social media, I had been terrified of any deeper use of computers, but after taking this class I feel a lot more confident about the things I can use, and the way I can use them. Learning how to properly use social media will help me promote myself is a positive way, which can come in handy when I am trying to get a job. I found that learning how to link, embed slideshows, and upload videos was beneficial for me, because I will now be able to use these things to better my self-promotion online. The many tutorials and videos my teacher made available to us were of great use. Everything I have learned has helped me better my online skills and has boosted my confidence when it comes to digital media. For those of you who are interested in becoming more knowledgable in digital online media I highly recommend taking this class. This will be my final post, because in a matter of hours I will begin my summer vacation! Goodbye & have safe travels this summer! 



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